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The Mednansky Institute is a non-profit tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated in the state of California on March 26, 2004.  The institute is supported by grants and donations from the private sector as well as government grants.  Consequently the results of the publicly supported work belong to the public without encumbrance.

The Mednansky Institute was created to pursue research in microbiology with an emphasis on bacteriology.  Its preferred mode of research is basic (also known as fundamental or pure).  It was founded on the work and knowledge of Chief Science Officer, Dr. Martine Crasnier-Mednansky, therefore research is centered on her field of expertise, regulation of Escherichia coli adenylate cyclase, and follows interrelated topics particularly in relation to the physiological role of cyclic AMP in diverse bacteria including pathogens.

Consequences of research have direct and indirect benefit for mankind.  For example, if mechanisms underlying certain regulatory processes in bacteria are understood, a cascade of new knowledge and ways of thinking will emerge.  In other instances, results of research help build upon a global foundation of knowledge that in turn helps pave the way for other researchers to use.

Collaboration with other institutes, biotech companies, universities and individual scientists is firmly encouraged.  The institute provides an opportunity for direct interaction within the institute competence to help solving the needs of community and local government, for example marine or terrestrial environmental issues.

A significant aspect of the institute is the mentor program.  This program gives university students, doctoral and post-doctoral, and in special cases high school students, the opportunity to study and work in a cutting edge research environment under mentorship.  Besides witnessing all aspects of research, individuals partake in observing and participating in discussion groups.  Therein they apprehend how ideas come to life and the ensuing thinking to pursue those ideas.

As the institute evolves, it will become multifaceted in its approach to uncovering new knowledge.  To this end, the institute will instigate the development of a scientific consortium.  This consortium will provide an economically viable opportunity for start up businesses, or independent individuals, with an interest in cyclic AMP.  By assembling under one roof, with the unifying purpose of pursuing scientific knowledge in microbiology, the consortium members will have the opportunity to gather together in an open forum for the sake of structured scientific discussions for mutual benefits.

Such a consortium will give opportunity for those who would otherwise have been discouraged from independence.  That such independence will give a higher degree of freedom for thought, creativity and action.

Should you have specific questions regarding the mission, purpose and modes of investigation of the Mednansky Institute, or if interested in becoming part of the scientific consortium, please contact Chairman and CEO David Mednansky by email: david [at] minst [dot] org.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mednansky Institute shall be to develop and sustain biological research programs in microbiology for advancement of knowledge to benefit mankind.  The objective of the Institute shall be to achieve scientific discovery by detecting and uncovering unknown aspects of biological life.  Fundamental research shall be the preferred route for scientific investigation.  The Institute shall pursue multi-disciplinary approaches and collaborative efforts with universities, or any other similar institutions, to achieve mission goals.  Results of scientific findings shall be made available to the public through the on-line journal of the Institute or other external publications.  The Institute shall sustain a mentor program giving students the opportunity to seek mentors and improve their understanding and respect of science.  The goals of the mentor program shall be fulfilled among students and researchers by divulging principles conducive to the preservation and advancement of science.  The program shall stress loyalty to truth, development of correct thinking and duty to perpetuate learning. | Company Info | eJournal Info | Chief Science Officer | Contact