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"…there's nothing of any importance in life - except how well you do your work.  Nothing.  Only that.  Whatever else you are, will come from that.  It's the only measure of human value.  All the codes of ethics they'll try to ram down your throat are just so much paper money put out by swindlers to fleece people of their virtues.  The code of competence is the only system of morality that's on a gold standard" - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1957

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September 19, 2013
TheScientist: What to Do About "Clare Francis"

June 19, 2013
TheScientist: Rampant Plagiarism in Two Journals

May 31, 2013
Science: Review of Cloning Paper Prompts Questions

May 29, 2013
TheScientist: Opinion: Ethics Training in Science

March 12, 2013
Accuracy in Academia: Inside The Ivory Curtain

February 21, 2013
TheScientist: Opinion: Communication Crisis in Research

February 14, 2013 A deadly threat to the individual scientist: Redefine misconduct as distorted reporting

January 24, 2013 Tufts University says probe under way on GM rice test in China

December 13, 2012
The Scientist: News & Opinions: News: A Decade of Misconduct

November 15, 2012
Accuracy in Academia: Texts Teachers Learn By

October 19, 2012
Committee on Science, Space and Technology: Subcommittee Requests IG Review of EPA Experiments on Humans

October 17, 2012
PNAS: Misconduct accounts for the majority of retracted scientific publications

September 12, 2012  How do you think we can increase transparency in research?  Perhaps reviewers could be more or less "trained" to review manuscripts simply for their "scientific soundness" rather than just for their findings - says Dr. Haiko Sprott, Head of the Pain Clinic Basel, Switzerland in an interview why publish your negative results?  An impossible divorce!  "Findings" and "scientific soundness" give the checks and balances to the review process.  Reviewers could be more or less trained?  The blind can only lead the blind, not the expert reviewer!

August 22, 2012  Another Band-Aid for lack of merit:  Initiative Tackles Scientific Study Validation

July 24, 2012  We have arrived at the three ring circus!  Comment on this retraction: Readers free to criticize journal's decisions

July 17, 2012
Nature: Libel win reveals need for reform

July 6, 2012
Accuracy in Academia: PBS: Online Reeducation Camp

June 14, 2012
Nature: Reply to all

June 6, 2012
BioTechniques: Cancer Postdoc on Probation for Falsifying Data

May 31, 2012
Accuracy in Academia: Head Start Fails Test

April 18, 2012 Too many retractions?  Welcome to the world of parasite voyeurs at Retraction Watch

April 17, 2012
Accuracy in Academia: Academic Bureaucracy in Motion, Again

April 13, 2012
BioTechniques: Author Admits Data Manipulation, Journal Retracts Paper

April 12, 2012
FIRE: FIRE Asks Cornell to Preserve Due Process

April 5, 2012
Paul R. Houser: "My motivation for submitting this allegation is to uphold the principles of scientific integrity and its code of conduct, as is my responsibility as a practicing research scientist" from Paul Houser’s allegation (PDF)

March 29, 2012 "Editors and referees cannot be expected to divine when only positive data are included and inconvenient results left out" - Says Nature Editorial Must try harder.  Are Nature Editors seeking diviners for review?  They should consider seeking expert reviewers who can recognize "unrelated data panels; missing references; incorrect controls; undeclared cosmetic adjustments to figures; duplications; reserve figures and dummy text included; inaccurate and incomplete methods; and improper use of statistics".

March 28, 2012
BioTechniques: RNA Editing Paper Under Fire

March 7, 2012
Nature: Trouble at the text mine

March 1, 2012
BioTechniques: Federal Grant Bar for Neurologist

February 23, 2012 Occupy Elsevier?  Publication costs money therefore you need to pay the publisher, and you get the impact factor for free!

February 10, 2012
The Examiner: EPA should stop hiding the data used in making regulations

February 9, 2012
Nature: Duplicate-grant case puts funders under pressure

February 1, 2012
BioTechniques: Research Misconduct Prevalent in UK

January 30, 2012
FIRE: Supreme Court Decision in 'Jones' and Students' Fourth Amendment Rights

January 23, 2012
BioTechniques: Clinical Trials Remain Unpublished

January 14, 2012
Nature: Research ethics: Zero tolerance

November 26, 2011
BioTechniques: Peer-Review Game

November 4, 2011
Accuracy in Academia: Academics discover slackers

October 7, 2011
BioTechniques: Partial XMRV Retraction, Group Leader Leaves Institute

October 6, 2011
SASA: The Five Most Common Forms Of Sample Abuse

August 25, 2011 A small change makes a difference?  Rather a big change for the worst!  Scholastic environments are engaging in violation of students' right to privacy, infringement on personal freedom and promotion of social agenda

August 17, 2011
BioTechniques: Cancer researcher fabricated data

August 5, 2011
American Thinker: Enlightened activist scientists dim society

August 1, 2011
BioTechniques: Self-plagiarism concerns lead to retraction of two papers

April 29, 2011 Journal of Bacteriology reaches new low with its review process, retracts paper based on authors' gross negligence: Retraction

April 26, 2011
Nature: Science failed to self-regulate (reprint may be requested from frederik.trettin [at]

April 25, 2011
BioTechniques: Scientific misconduct starts early

April 14, 2011
Accuracy in Academia: Graduates Chase Green Jobs

March 31, 2011
BioTechniques: Genome databases contaminated

March 28, 2011
Accuracy in Academia: Deconstructing Composition

March 5, 2011
Nature News: Budget woes sink marine archive

February 2, 2011 Nearly 100 'Climate Education Programs' funded by NASA, NOAA, NSF & EPA

January 20, 2011 Something amiss in Utopia?  Peer review: Trial by Twitter: A bumper crop of experts at the door?

January 19, 2011
Nature News: Cancer trial errors revealed

January 4, 2011 Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  French export terror to China!  French Nobelist Escapes "Intellectual Terror" to Pursue Radical Ideas in China

December 11, 2010
FIRE: Challenging your college's speech code

December 9, 2010
BioTechniques: Biomedical copycats found by plagiarism detection software

November 12, 2010
BioTechniques: Duke cancer paper retraction pending Update: November 24, 2010: Duke researcher resigns

November 3, 2010 No need for experience?  Is a genius born every second?  The ill-thought projected-60-millions NIH-funded program for junior students conveys elitism, not fair competition: Junior scientists leapfrog postdoc training
HSLDA: Colleges Now Required to Determine "Validity" of High School Diplomas

November 2, 2010
BioTechniques: Harvard stem cell researcher retracts two papers

October 11, 2010 An honest physicist will not compromise, places science above money and political influence: Hal Lewis: My Resignation from the American Physical Society

October 9, 2010
BioTechniques: Nobelist retracts two papers

September 17, 2010
BioTechniques: Former Wisconsin researcher sentenced for misconduct Peer review highly sensitive to poor refereeing, claim researchers

August 30, 2010
Harvard Magazine: FAS Dean Smith Confirms Scientific Misconduct by Marc Hauser

August 26, 2010
Harvard Magazine: Bye-bye, Blue Books?

July 30, 2010
The American: The National Academy of Blacklists

July 2, 2010
Accuracy in Academia: Books Bite the Dust

May 24, 2010
BioTechniques: ORI finds fifteen instances of misconduct involving a single researcher

May 18, 2010 Funding agencies, peers, editors must investigate unethical activities by scientists plus stay narrowly focused, but governments violate academic freedom when they engage in witch hunt: FIRE Criticizes Virginia Attorney General's Investigation of Professor

May 12, 2010 Climate scientists have been fingered for wrong doing therefore they must be held accountable but apparently the 255 members of the US National Academy of Sciences who signed the Open letter: Climate change and the integrity of science have not understood the seriousness of the situation

April 28, 2010 Personal accountability is best remedy and deterrent to Nature's editorial dilemma Under suspicion.  Do it once get a notice, second time get a fine!  Three strikes you're out!

April 22, 2010
BioTechniques: Investigation finds pharmaceutical researcher falsified grant application, Former Indiana University grad student admits misconduct

March 25, 2010
Mednansky Institute urges academics to take the test: Are you an honest academic?

March 22, 2010
Science: Elsevier to Editor: Change Controversial Journal or Resign

March 8, 2010
FIRE: UC San Diego Freezes Funds for 33 Media Groups, Dissolves Student TV, Threatens to Punish Students for Protected Speech

February 17, 2010
The Scientist: News: Wanted: Records of revoked grants

January 8, 2010
Science: Letters: Editorial Expression of Concern

December 6, 2009
Science: Science and Society: Stolen E-mails Turn Up Heat on Climate Change Rhetoric

November 29, 2009
FIRE: Defying the Constitution: The Rise, Persistence, and Prevalence of Campus Speech Codes

November 25, 2009 NewsWatch: Politics and Egotism over Science

November 9, 2009
Mednansky Institute endorses Statement of Principles

November 7, 2009
Science: U.S. Science Policy: Peer Review not popular at Homeland Security (summary only, subscription or pay-per-view required for full text)

September 14, 2009
Committee on Science and Technology: Troubling pattern of events concerning scientific integrity

July 28, 2009
FIRE: A nation that does not educate in liberty will not long preserve it

May 26, 2009 PubMed: Kinks in the links or bats in the belfry?  Looking for a correspondence by Crasnier-Mednansky M, 2008, you'll find a correspondence by Narang A, 2009!
June 1, 2009: NIH-NLM reports bats were exported from Nature Reviews Microbiology
June 3, 2009: No more kinks in the links, but no one takes responsibility

May 22, 2009 Peer review failure is waste to taxpayer dollars: Here comes a Comment for citation violations!

May 19, 2009
The Scientist: Citation Violations (registration required)

May 8, 2009 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) betrays professional ethics in the name of sycophancy: Nancy Pelosi: Foursquare for Science (subscription required)

May 3, 2009
American Thinker: Peer Review Needs Improvement

April 17, 2009 Peer review failure is waste to taxpayer dollars: Comment update

March 20, 2009 Launching Comments to promote peer review integrity

February 23, 2009 Usually a theory is killed by an 'ugly fact' but it is common practice to ignore a multitude of tiny ugly facts to push a theory.  Is there any role…? (Crasnier-Mednansky M, 2008)  Correspondence blatantly says no (Narang A, 2009) without grounds (Comment postdated March 20, 2009)

November 25, 2008
The Scientist: Critics rip Cell paper (registration required)

November 8, 2008 NewsWatch: Author ethics